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Come for a Visit

      Come for a day...
Is this place you?
  • Are you worn out from ministry?
  • Do you need to reconnect with your heavenly Father?
  • Do you need to seek His will and/or guidance?
    Read the letters that inspired the Jesus R&R House.

    If you have ever felt like the "tired Warrior" in the first letter, then the Jesus R&R House is the place for you!

Schedule a Visit
    Use of the facilities is free to guests in Christian ministry who seek some quiet, alone time with God - one on one, no distractions; but donations are always appreciated.

    Click here to schedule a visit.

    To schedule a visit, simply check out the house calendar for availability, and submit a reservation request.

    For more information, please contact the house stewards by email.

      Come for a night...
    Currently, the Jesus R&R House can accommodate 4 people overnight - double occupancy.

    Daytime guests are limited to individuals and/or small groups of up to 20 people.

What to Bring
    God, your Father, has provided for you to have a restful time of fellowship with Him.

    You need only bring items for your own personal needs or comfort.
      Come for the weekend....
Services We Provide
    Our main service is to provide comfortable, quiet accommodations suitable for enabling Christians in ministry to reconnect to the God, Jehovah, they serve.

    Additionally, we will offer - as needed and/or requested - fellowship and teaching through:
    • one on one discussion,
    • group meetings,
    • music,
    • prayer,
    • and Bible study

    We will also have an alternative worship service for our guests as needed/requested.

    Guests should bring their own food.

    The kitchen is always available for guest use. Dishes, utensils, and cookware are all provided.